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Below you will find some of the answers to the questions I am asked the most.  If you don't find the answers below, or you want to discuss any of my services, then please contact me

  • Should I get Professional Property Photography for my Estate Agent listings?
    Absolutely - times have moved on, and it's becoming less acceptable for poor quality photography to be used for Estate Agency listings. Sellers have higher expectations - you're selling their most valuable asset after all! And buyers are far more likely to click on a property that catches their eye when scrolling - Rightmove research shows that "great listings" achieve 93% more leads than "average listings", and that great photos are the foundation of a great listings.
  • Should I get Professional Property Photography for my AirBnB and holiday rental listings?
    Absolutely - AirBnB and listings need to get viewers to commit to purchase online before physically viewing the property. The photos are basically the first and only impression the renters have before making a decision to part with their money. If the first impression they have is poorly lit and badly framed photos, they may very well move onto the next property with well framed, well lit photography that fully shows what the property offers. According to AirBnB's website, high quality images are one of the biggest factors for guests when trying to determine which listing to book, and eyecatching photography may increase bookings and revenue by up to 20% - so Professional Property Photography will hopefully pay for itself many times over in no time.
  • How much does Professional Property Photography cost?
    Professional Property Photography costs £70 per hour, per property. The vast majority of properties are completed well within this timescale, however if you have a larger property, or you want more of a Lifestyle shoot for an AirBnB listing or amazing home, you can book a second hour and get a 20% discount using the code MULTI1 at checkout. My full price list can be found here
  • Do you offer discounts on professional property photography if I order more than one service - such as an EPC, Video Tour or a Floorplan?
    Yes - if you are looking for more than one service, or you want to book a longer session for property photography, then all you need to do is add the first service into your cart, continue browsing and add the additional services you need. Enter the code MULTI1 at the end, and a 20% discount will be applied at checkout. Please note that the additional services will need to be consecutive to qualify for the discount. Any questions, contact me
  • I already have a Professional Property Photographer I regularly use for my Estate Agents - why do I need you?
    If you're happy with your current Property Photographer, you may not need me at all. However, I am also a fully accredited Domestic Energy Assessor, and have been producing EPCs since 2010. Some of my Estate Agency clients use their regular photographer to do the bulk of their work - but if a property also needs an EPC, they call me in. I can complete the property photography and Energy Performance Certificate, plus floorplans, real estate video tours and drone aerial property photography if required, in the one appointment. Your vendor is less inconvenience as they only have to be available once, you get all your files back same evening so you can crack on with the marketing and you will benefit from my discounted rates for multiple services.
  • How do I prepare my home for Professional Property Photography?
    Basically, ensure the house is clean, tidy and as free of clutter as possible before I arrive. I recommend you remove all hygiene products, mats and towels from bathrooms and cloakrooms, keep kitchen work tops clear except for small appliances, make the beds, remove all pet food bowls and beds, mow and weed the lawns and remove bins and cars from outside.
  • Do I need to empty the kid's rooms for a Professional Property Photography shoot?
    I generally say no - if you're selling a family home, a room with childen's toys shows the property is a good family home. Make it as tidy as possible and pick up the Lego, but show it as a child's room. The same for offices, studies and utility rooms - I feel these rooms have a purpose and should look like they're used for that purpose, but make sure they're as clutter free as you can
  • Shall I leave my cars on the drive or move them for Estate Agent property photography?
    Definitely move them if possible - and while you're at it, remove the wheelie bins! A clear shot of the front and driveway looks far better than one with cars and bins. If a car cannot be moved then no problem - I can leave it in the photo, or for a small charge I may be able get the photo edited to remove it
  • Do I need to remove personal photographs for an Estate Agent photoshoot?
    It is entirely up to you - some people feel it makes the photos look more inviting, others prefer to remove them for privacy - especially children's photos. Anything you don't want shown, remove before I arrive - alternatively I can blur faces out of any photos if you prefer
  • Is it best to wait for a sunny day for professional property photography?
    Actually no - in fact for interior shots, sunny days can be a real problem due to the amount of light coming through the windows, which can cause light beams on the walls, floor and furniture if the light can't be shut out, and can wash the colours out of the room. Often on sunny days I will close certain blinds and shutters to minimise the sunlight, and will adjust the camera settings to compensate. If it's cloudy and overcast outside, great for internal shots - and for the external shots, I can get them edited to add blue sky and fluffy clouds for a small charge.
  • How long does it take for you to send me my property photography, and how do I receive them?
    Whether I'm doing just property photography, or the full set - property photos, floorplans, drone property photography and an Energy Performance Certificate - all your files will be ready to send to you the evening of the appointment, providing payment has been made. Depending on how busy a day I've had it may not be till midnight, but they will be ready for you - I have a lot of late nights! The only exception may be a video tour, as these can take a while tbo edit, but I will aim to get these back to you the following day
  • Who owns the Property Photography on my Estate Agency Listings?
    Ultimately, I own the copyright to any property photos I have taken. However whoever commissions me to photograph the property, and pays for the photo shoot, is free to use them on any property portals, marketing materials or social media sites. So if the Estate Agents pays for the property photography, they can use the photos as they see fit. However, if the vendor changes Estate Agents, the new Agents cannot use my photographs. If the property owner pays me direct, they are free to use the photos with any Estate Agent or Holiday Rental website such as AirBnB and their own social media.
  • How many photos do I get when I book you for Professional Property Photography?
    It depends on the size of the property and how long the property photography session is. On average, I provide around 20-40 photos but for a 2 hour session it can be around 80
  • How do I pay for Professional Property Photography?
    If you book online, you can either pay at checkout or in person at the appointment. If you call me personally to book in, payment in person at the appointment is fine. I accept card payments, PayPal, bank transfer or cash
  • How quickly can I get a Professional Property Photographer to come to my property?
    It really depends how much work I have at the time and where your property is, but I can usually get to you within a few days. That's not to say I can't get to you quicker - I may have an appointment close to you that I can tie you in to, and it's common for me to get to appointments the next day. My quickest turnaround was 4 hours from call coming in to photos being sent! If you need a quick appointment, best to call me, text me or Whatsapp me.
  • Should I book a Professional Property Photographer if I'm selling through Purple Bricks free listing service?
    Absolutely I would. Just because you're using Purple Bricks free listing service, doesn't mean you have to take the photos yourself. With my professional property photography, your property will stand out on Rightmove and hopefully generate interest from buyers. I can also provide you with a property floorplan, an EPC, a video tour and drone aerial photography - so everything you need to market your property, with a 20% discount when you order more than one service. Just use the discount code MULTI1 at checkout, or contact me
  • How do I book a Professional Property Photographer for my Estate Agent, or AirBnB Listing?
    To book me for a professional property photography shoot on your property for your Estate Agent, AirBnB or listing, either visit my Bookings Page to book online, or Contact Me to have a chat about your requirements. If I don't answer the phone when you call, please leave a message or drop me a text or Whatsapp - I may be in an appointment and I don't always like to answer the phone when I'm with a client. Don't forget to check my service areas page to make sure I cover your area, and if you can't see the time you want on the available times get in touch with me - I may be able to squeeze you in or move things around.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I have a straight forward cancellation policy - that is to just ask you to be courteous, and if you want to cancel, please give me as much notice as possible. If you have prepaid for an appointment and cancel the day before the session is booked I'll refund the payment in full, although if you cancel on the day of the appointment I won't be able to offer a refund. Please bear in mind that I am self employed, and if you cancel an appointment scheduled for the middle of the day at the last minute, I am basically sat in a carpark for an hour losing income, so please be respectful and give me as much notice as possible
  • What is your privacy policy?
    Again, pretty straightforward. The only data I collect from you will be your name, contact details and address, and these will be used solely for the purpose of booking appointments and invoicing. Customer details are saved in my database (run by Wix), but your saved details can be viewed and deleted at any time on request. I don't send marketing emails or post out to my client database, I don't allow third party advertisers on my site or affiliate with any advertising companies so your personal details will never be shared with anyone else. Your contact details will also be saved on my password protected work calendars run by Google and Wix, but only accessible by myself. Again, these can be viewed and deleted any time on request.
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