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Drone Aerial Photography and Videography for Estate Agents


Steve Turner  |  Director

Professional Property Photographer, Real Estate Videographer and Domestic Energy Assessor

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Book Estate Agents Drone Photography & Videography

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Click below to book a Property Photography shoot. If your preferred date or time is not shown, or you want to book more than one service or a longer session, please contact me to discuss  

Real Estate Drone Videography and Photography


Drone Aerial Photography and Videography for Estate Agents, New Homes Developers and Homeowners

Drone Aerial Photography and Videography is the latest way for Estate Agents to present their property listings.  My Drone Aerial Photos and Videos show the property from multiple angles previously not possible with ground level property photography, giving potential buyers an elevated birds eye view that makes your property listings stand out from the crowd.  

Drone Aerial Photography and Videography work great when combined with Professional Property Photography and Property Video Tours - although they can of course be ordered on their own.  Elevated Aerial Photos of the front of the property and it's grounds are fantastic when used as the introductory photo on Rightmove and Zoopla, encouraging potential buyers to view the rest of the property's photos.  The Drone Aerial Videos can be edited to include any of my Real Estate Video Tours - giving interested parties a way to view the property from above and inside in one seamless video.  Scroll down to see some examples of the different options available to you.


Drone Safety, Privacy and Weather Conditions

Drones are a fantastic tool, however we do have take into account some considerations.  I take the safety of people around me very seriously, so will avoid flying the drone around "uninvolved" people, especially children, and over busy roads.  As such, the property should have enough space around it that I can launch the drone from grounds of the property, such as a driveway, and not public paths or roads.   

I will always try to preserve the privacy of neighbours, and can edit or blur photos if necessary.  It may be a good idea to let your neighbours know that a drone will be taking photos and/or videos of your property in advance.

And the good old British weather - in order to fly the drone safely, and get suitable photos and videos, we need a dry day with as little wind as possible.  Rain is no good for the drone, and the photos will just show raindrops in glorious colour.

Based in Chelmsford, Essex, I provide Professional Property Photography, Real Estate Video Tours, Drone Aerial Photography and Videography, Floorplans and EPC Surveys to Estate Agents, Homeowners and Landlords in the Chelmsford, Maldon, Braintree, Brentwood, Great Dunmow, Thurrock, Basildon, Rochford, Castle Point, Southend-on-Sea and Romford districts.  For a full list of areas I cover click here


I offer a few different options for my Drone Photography and Videography services, depending on what you need and your budget - from purely Aerial Photography and onto combining Aerial Photography, Drone Videography with one of my internal Real Estate Video Tours and Walkthroughs.   Check out the examples below for an explanation of each, and if you have any questions or other requirements contact me

drone aerial photography for estate agents and homeowners

with my drone aerial photography service, i provide you with 5-10 aerial photographs of the property from the front and the rear elevations.  the photos are sent as JPG files which can be uploaded to your Estate Agent Rightmove and Zoopla listings and used on all your digital and paper marketing

drone photos, video and real estate video tour

with my drone photos, video and real estate video tour service, the drone video is combined with my edited property video tour.  each area of the property is shot separately, focusing on any key property features then edited together to give an overall more polished feel to the video tour. 

drone photos, video and real estate video walkthrough

with my drone photos, video and real estate video tour service, the drone video is combined with my unedited property video walkthrough.  the internal walkthrough is shot at one consistent speed throughout the property without cuts or edits except for cutting in the drone video


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